Mike and I talk about the aliens that have been visiting me since I was a kid and what a Nun had to say about it. We also introduce a new segment to the show where Mike gets out an old journal from when he was in the 4th grade and reads an entry or two, he appropriately named the segment Journal Jems.  Mike is approached by a stranger in Lowe's and the guy asks him to do something very unusual.  I didn't get a chance to explain the title of this episode and the last one but I'm doing and experiment that I will talk more about in the next episode, if I remember to. Another thing that I failed to discuss in this episode is the whole Bitcoin thing, but as I promised, in the next episode I'll be explaining what Bitcoin is, how it works, the benefits and drawbacks as well as how to get involved with it.  In my opinion, Bitcoin is going to be one of the biggest forces of change in our society in the last ten thousand years. And just so you know, we also talk about how humans, especially this particular human, is definitely not in the running for being one the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom. We also talk about drugs, alcohol, the Denver Broncos, how anything is possible and truck stop hookers. I was loaded on nootropics when I did this episode so hang on tight and rub your thick sexy thighs while you listen to this one. It makes the experience much better, kind of like smoking marijuana prior to sexual intercourse.


Episode 21 :: Bust a Nut