In this episode we come back from an unnecessarily long break to kick some ass and take the names of you weak ass little bitches. The title of this episode is a bit misleading but I'm doing and experiment that I will talk more about in the next episode. But I do have to say that I love women with big fat tits and big fat asses as long as the rest of their body is in reasonable shape and they have a nice looking face too. Mike and I discuss a wide range of topics in this episode including the pollution and descruction of the world's oceans, made up societal rules, alcohol addiction, marijuana law changes in Colorado, Katy Perry losing her virginity, Superman losing his virginity, a big ole bitch, our cousin Orlando knocking out another dude, watching the Denver Broncos live in Houston, Payton Manning breaks the touchdown record, a Mega Metropolis, how we finished our house (somewhat) and the greenest city in the world. We did not however, talk about our friend who used to be a crack and meth addict sucking dick in back alleys for a fix. But we will be talking about him in the next episode! Also, we are going to try to get our cousin Orlando Candelaria a.k.a. Anderson Silva on the next episode too because he has another wild story to tell us. I'm also going to discuss the ever popular Bitcoin! I'll be explaining what Bitcoin is, how it works, the benefits and drawbacks as well as how to get involved with it.  In my opinion, Bitcoin is going to be one of the biggest forces of change in our society in the last ten thousand years.


Episode 20 :: Women with Big Fat Tits