The first time I ever heard of the meme "Reclaim Your Mind", I was alone in an abandoned old house with no electricity or running water.  I was scared and confused, but not because I was in an abandoned old house, I was just a scared and confused person in general.  I needed 

help, professional help, but I was no where near admitting that to myself, I was in deep denial and probably near the point of no return.   Strangely enough though, I would eventually find exactly what I needed in that old house that summer.  

Click on the link below to hear the true story of how things turned out for me.

Episode 1 Part 1 :: The Beginning

Episode 1 Part 2 :: The Beginning Ends

Thank you self!  Thank you Crystal and Lumi!  Thank you Ma, Pa and Mike!  I love you all.  And thank you Terence, you helped me reclaim my mind.